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Taste Test- LC Foods Muffin Mix

I have to admit I have tried to make my own low carb muffins out of various ingredients. Last weekend I tried to make some out of Soy powder, Isopure and flax meal. While the batter looked great and smelled perfect, they didn’t turn out so well. They were dry- and when I say dry I mean DRY. These little puppies could have stopped flood waters. Pretty much¬†inedible, I tossed the whole batch.

I was very excited to see that LC Foods had a muffin mix. These muffins are low carb, sugar free and gluten free. The instructions on the bag were very easy to follow. I found that hand mixing the sour cream into the rest of the wet ingredients a bit of a pain. Use a Cuisinart or something similar. The batter looked like cornbread muffin mix. It was very nice to work with and poured well.

The muffins bake quickly and don’t stick at all. I always had problems with conventional muffin mixes sticking to my pans. The taste- very nice. The flavor is a light vanilla. The texture is firm but not crumbly. These will stand up to some butter or jelly if you wanted. I plan to make another batch and add some different flavors- cinnamon orange comes to mind.

Overall these are an A+ for my tastes. I will  buy these again for sure. Here is the link for the great folks at LC Foods.

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