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The Search for the Perfect Bacon

Bacon should be its own food group. Seriously. How many times have you turned down a piece of bacon no matter full you are? Atkins and low carb folks tend to eat a LOT of bacon. Mainly because we can. At the start of this adventure I went to my local Wal-Mart and bought some Great Value bacon. Frankly I didn’t care, it was bacon and that was good enough for me.

I soon realized that no matter how carefully I watched it my bacon never turned out the way I wanted it. Not too crisp, not chewy either. I wanted Goldilock’s bacon…

I noticed that this bacon I was buying was thin, full of fat and turned into a tiny scrap of its former self. Oh- and it wasn’t cheap. I knew there had to be a better choice that didn’t shrivel up to nothing, had good texture and tasted good too. Right?

Over the last few months I have tried nearly all the bacon varieties available in my area. From store brands to my local butcher’s prime selection. There are some decent choices out there, but the far and away winner is Schwan’s bacon. Yes, Schawn’s has things other than ice cream.

The Schwan’s guy was in our neighborhood a few weeks ago and I thought what the hell I’ll try a package. I am so glad I did. It comes in two 1.25lb packages. The bacon has great marbling. It has very little sugar cure and you can’t taste that when it is cooked.

I cook my bacon on a Foreman Grill to drain off the excess fat. Most bacon you cook will fill up that little boat in no time. Schawn’s bacon has very little grease. In fact the first time I cooked it I looked under the grill because I thought I missed it. This bacon has GREAT flavor. Not too much salt and that good smoky, hickory flavor it should.

The price is competitive with most of your decent store brands. It works out to just over 6.00 a pound, heck I have paid 8-9.00 here on really bad bacon. Most of your inexpensive brands are 4-5.00 a pound and you end up with a bunch of grease and something that resembles bacon. I think I’ll stick with the Schwan’s. Schwan’s  delivers almost everywhere- no charge for delivery and depending on your state no tax. You can check out their delicious products here.  

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