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Taste Test- Healthwise Zero Carb Bread

Since I have switched to a low carb lifestyle I have found quite a few places online to buy new foods. I wish I lived in a larger metropolitan area. If I lived in LA I could walk into Viva LowCarb and taste things before I bought! In this case I wish I would have. I have tried Julian Bakery’s bread, LC Food (made by me) and both were delicious. I paid quite a bit of money to have this bread shipped to me 12 dollars for the loaf basically.

The size of the loaf is great. The slices are big. You could easily have a decent sandwich with it. When it arrived it was thawed, I took out a couple pieces. One thing different is this bread stays in the freezer.  I found out after some investigation that it is because there are very little preservatives.

Each slice is carb free, 7g of fiber, 7g of protein and low sodium. Sounds like a good thing eh? The bread smells good. The feel is nice and slightly springy.  The taste- I wasn’t impressed. The bread is pretty chewy. I literally had to tear into it to get a bite.  The flavor is very bland.  It is very dry. I had to have a large drink of water to get it down. I was expecting more really.  I plan to try the bread as French Toast and Grilled Cheese to see if it fares better.

Right now I would choose different bread choices. You can find this bread at Viva Low Carb.

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